Our Services

As a premier medical office, our goal is to exceed your expectations through our evidence based high quality services. We are a one stop medical office for all your Primary care and Internal Medicine issues and we accomplish this through the broad range of our services which encompasses preventative, diagnostic and treatment interventions which include but not limited to;

  • Hypertension and Heart disease management
  • Diabetes Mellitus treatment and prevention
  • Osteoarthritis (including joint injections)
  • Adult immunization
  • Cholesterol management
  • Prostate and Sexual Health Management
  • Annual Physicals
  • Cancer screening and prevention
  • Stroke: including treatment and prevention
  • Women’s Health, PAP smears and menopause management
  • Obesity and Weight Management
  • Dermatology and skin lesion treatment and biopsies
  • Asthma and COPD and pulmonary disease
  • Urinary incontinence management
  • Osteoporosis treatment and prevention
  • Chronic kidney disease management and prevention

Our office has high-end technologies that aid in proper diagnosis and planning of treatment interventions for our patients.

We take pride in our in house high precision and accurate testing including but not limited to the following diagnostic modalities:

  • Carotid Ultrasound Screening.
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm screening and diagnosis.
  • EKG and holter monitoring.
  • PAP smears.
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease Screening and diagnosis.
  • Cardiac Stress Testing.
  • Pulmonary function testing.

These services are delivered with high quality and sophisticated equipments and are all linked to our error free electronic medical record [EMR] system.

Be familiar with our employees and avail of our services now.